Hokas is accounts receivable management in a whole new way

Hokas is accounts receivable management in a whole new way

Complete overview - Hokas gives you the overview of the entire accounts receivables side of your company, and makes managing this a breeze.

Open platform - The Hokas solution is built on an open platform, which makes it possible to integrate with all relevant partners.

Better user experience - Improve your customer service by the Hokas customer login and debtor App.


Prices that are easy to understand

Hokas accounts receivables management solution is designed to be self-financing, and to ensure that payment are received by the due date. Our automatic invoice monitoring process enables you to spend time focusing on your business rather than chasing late payments.

Leave the credit management to Hokas

Leave the credit management to Hokas

The premium A/R management service done by the experts.

  • Hokas takes ownership of the whole process
  • Proven steps that speed up your recovery process
  • Methods that train your customer to pay on time
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Automated reminder service
  • Designated Debtor portal
  • And much, much more....


How Hokas works?

We use our own Hokas software with optimized integration and automated invoice follow-up and reminder service.

  • You continue to invoice all customers as normal.
  • All received payments are posted in your accounting system as normal.
  • The integration with your accounting system ensures that our systems are properly synced.
  • Hokas sends payment reminders to all your customers to ensure that they pay in accordance with the agreed upon timelines.

Account Receivables Managment

Integrated with your accounting software, Hokas offers an efficient and unique service for accounts receivables management. Our reminder solution is fully customizable and tailor made to suit your needs.


Hokas is the only solution that provides a seamless integration between your accounting system and the collection agency. Payments received after the case is sent to collections, are posted automatically. Our professional and courteous process protects your reputation, and takes care of your customers at the same time.