Included in the agreement with Hokas, you'll have free access to the market's best collection solutions. As a supplier of accounts receivables managment and collection services, we offer a very high success rate and advantageous conditions.

Hokas will lose money if they don't solve your case. We only make money if matters are resolved. You'll be assigned a permanent coordinator to deal with, who's working on your issues. We work under the motto "Only satisfied customers!"

It is no longer enough for a collection agency just to collect money due to you. We in Hokas perform the job in a professional manner, so that we protect your reputation and take care of your customers.

Hokas' collection services ensure that you get paid and contributes to your customer continuing to pay.

The Hokas dedicated account managers have extensive experience in the collection industry and as authorized licensees we guarantee a solid and professional management of the creditor's debt collection.

The account managers are committed to the creditors' cases, with extensive personal attention to the debtor over telephone and, if necessary, through using the legal system to ensure that the creditor will receive the rightful settlement of your invoices, to the greatest extent possible!